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The Maritime Operator Safety System (MOSS) came into effect on 1 July 2014, replacing the former Safe Ship Management (SSM) system.

MOSS requires maritime operators to develop and maintain their own safety system covering all vessels in their operation. By putting a bigger focus on safety for vessel owners and operators, MOSS will improve safety outcomes.

MOSS is designed to cover most commercial operations in New Zealand waters, including those using barges carrying passengers, fishing ships, rigid-hulled inflatable boats, large vessels, foreign charter fishing vessels and non-SOLAS foreign-flagged vessels.

If your operation is not covered by the International Safety Management (ISM) code, or a safe operating plan, safety case or barge safety certificate, it will be covered by MOSS.

Maritime New Zealand

Ship safety management, accidents & incidents, ship inspections, maritime radio, legislation & rules, search & rescue, recreational boating safety, seagoing qualifications.

Ports of Auckland

Details of ship arrival times, cargo availability, container tracking and other. Shipping information can be accessed on this site.

NZ Metrological Service

This site contains the following information of interest to mariners: weather warnings & outlook, maps of Tasman Sea/NZ MSL analysis, forecasts by region, observations, radar & satellite imagery.

Land Information NZ

This site contains the following information of interest to mariners: notice to mariners, tidal predictions, list of lights, charts, astronomical data, maritime safety Information, hydrographic links.