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Marine Survey

Marine Hull Surveys cover the following types of surveys:

Pre-purchase Surveys - Commercial
The scope of such surveys are carried out to the clients instructions. Usually these surveys are carried out with the vessel afloat and can be an overview of the vessel which would normally cover inspection of the ship to provide a general overview of the ship with regard to structural integrity, static external evaluation of machinery condition, and other parts of the ship or an in-depth inspection that covers the general visible structure of the vessel; the inspection of available tanks and void spaces. The inspection can include the inspection and testing of propulsion machinery, engine room equipment, electrical systems and electronic equipment. On docking of the vessel an underwater survey can be carried out to the requirement of the client.


Pre-purchase Surveys - Pleasure
The scope of such surveys are carried out also to the clients instructions. Usually these surveys are carried out with the vessel out of the water enabling possible defects to be observed underwater. The survey includes inspection of the vessel for structural condition and to provide a static overview of machinery and equipment. Surveys can at the owners request be extended to include more in-depth inspection and testing of various equipment and or machinery.


On/Off Surveys
This inspection is carried out on the start or completion of a charter of a ship. Primarily the inspection notes damages to the holds, areas of the decks and the ship in general including ship side plating as can be inspected from the wharf or from the deck of the ship with fair wear and tear accepted. A Bunker survey is usually carried out with this survey. As independent surveyors we have often represented both the owner and the charterer in carrying out these surveys.


Bunker Surveys
To oversee the sounding of the ships tanks of various fuels and then quantify the bunkers given the trim and list of the vessel. These calculations are then adjusted to a time determined between the owner and charter.


Also included are:

Pre-entry & Condition Surveys
These surveys can be for pre club entry or for follow up inspections of the ship, equipment and its crew to a given P&I Clubs format to identify and note defects (If any) to enable the P&I Club to evaluate the potential risk.


Pre-loading Surveys
To inspect on behalf of the shipper owner or shipping company, cargo requiring special shipping arrangements for Stowage and securing aboard.

Maritime New Zealand

Ship safety management, accidents & incidents, ship inspections, maritime radio, legislation & rules, search & rescue, recreational boating safety, seagoing qualifications.

Ports of Auckland

Details of ship arrival times, cargo availability, container tracking and other. Shipping information can be accessed on this site.

NZ Metrological Service

This site contains the following information of interest to mariners: weather warnings & outlook, maps of Tasman Sea/NZ MSL analysis, forecasts by region, observations, radar & satellite imagery.

Land Information NZ

This site contains the following information of interest to mariners: notice to mariners, tidal predictions, list of lights, charts, astronomical data, maritime safety Information, hydrographic links.