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Forensic Marine Engineering

Dunsford Marine Ltd is now able to offer specialised Forensic Marine Engineering in association with Prosolve Ltd, a company that specialises in Forensic Engineering.

Prosolve Ltd are experienced forensic engineering practitioners in the fields of international air accident investigation and professional engineering at the industrial coal face. With the combination of Prosolve’s forensic engineering expertise and Dunsford’s extensive background in Marine Surveying, Dunsford Marine is able to offer specialised and comprehensive Forensic Marine Engineering services.


This service includes:

  • Comprehensive investigation management on a stage-wise basis: “Turning grey into black and white”
  • Budgetary control of the uncertain investigation process
  • Detailed analysis of complex engineering issues involving the sourcing, engaging and management of expertise from a wide range of disciplines as required
  • Comprehensive and transparent analysis of ‘front end’ causes
  • Application of forensic engineering principles to both safety and litigation contexts.


Some Past examples:

  • Analysis of poor main drive maintenance (Litigation)
  • Deck crane failure (safety)
  • Severe widespread corrosion (Litigation)
  • Engine fire on a public transport ferry (safety)

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